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Climate action, at scale.

We are a team of ambitious climate action trailblazers with a goal to make
climate action consistently and easily accessible in the region. We help
organizations and individuals in the region to take tangible and repeated
climate action throughout their value chain.

Connecting you to
unparalleled climate solutions
from the Middle East

Climate change is a global challenge that needs dire action
Yet, most people & organizations feel helpless in taking climate action.
This is why we started CarbonSifr. (CarbonZero). To cultivate
environments favorable to climate action. We develop
intelligent climate tech solutions that are easy to implement
for organizations and easy to use for their customers.
Meaning our solutions fit in with your organization’s and your customers’ day-to-day activities.

By connecting the different parts, we accelerate climate
action, make your business more attractive, and empower
everyone to contribute to the solution. And by doing so, step
by step, action by action, we accelerate our region toward a
better climate.

3 Ways CarbonSifr Drives C limate Action

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Research shows most organizations struggle to understand their true impact on the climate. In addition, they often have multiple partners who also have different levels of climate action. We help organizations understand climate impact throughout the value chain so they can take tangible action.
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Embed climate action into
your ecosystem

Your organization is unique, so We develop
intelligent climate approaches that fit your
organization’s specific needs. We help you analyze
the impact of your total value chain and set goals to
reach them. Then we connect your value chain to
feasible climate solutions so you can take
accelerated action.


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Make your customers a partner
in the net zero strategy of your

We go above and beyond to provide you with the most
innovative and effective climate solutions on the
market: CarbonSifr’s Plug-and-Play Check-out Tool helps
customers to take (their first) climate action. The tool
not only boosts awareness by showing the true impact
of their order, but it also enables customers to take
instant and repeated action

Tangible and transparent solutions are vital to driving consistent change. That's why CarbonSifr sources and vetts initiatives throughout the region and the world; all partners shown below are certified and trustworthy partners who can drive us closer to our regional climate goals.