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Climate action, at scale

Climate action pioneers from the Middle East. 
We make climate action consistently and easily accessible in the region by enabling businesses and individuals to take tangible climate action in their daily activities.

Unparalleled climate solutions from the Middle East

Climate change is a global challenge that needs immediate action. Yet, most people & businesses feel helpless in taking climate action.

This is why we started CarbonSifr, to scale up climate action with local solutions. We develop intelligent climate tech solutions that are easy to integrate with businesses and accessible by all where and when relevant.

By doing so, we accelerate the region’s climate action, making your business more environmentally friendly and appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

Pathway to creating tangible climate impact:
Awareness > Action > Impact

We create Climate aware‎‎n‎ess ‎‎‎‎ ‎‎‎‎‎‎

Our climate solutions integrate into day-to-day lives of people. We calculate and inform them about the cost of their activities on the climate. We make it  easy to understand and ready for action. 

We enable consistent action.
We know what it takes to inspire businesses and consumers to act in our region. Our insight driven approach deep-rooted in behavioral economics provides options and drives consistent climate action.
We achieve tangible impact.
We source and vett the best (local) climate solutions, connect these to your business and channel your customers to action. We uphold scientific, high-integrity and transparent standards to ensure every action drives long-term tangible impact.

Embed climate action into your ecosystem

Your organization is unique, so we develop intelligent climate approaches that fit your organization’s specific needs. First, we help you analyze the impact of your total value chain and set goals to reach them. Then, we connect your value chain to feasible climate solutions so you can take accelerated action.

Make your customers a partner in the net zero strategy of your organization

CarbonSifr’s Plug-and-Play Check-out Tool helps customers to take (their first) climate action. The tool not only boosts awareness by showing the true impact of their order, but it also enables customers to take instant and repeated action.

Carbonsifr connects businesses with high-integrity carbon credit generating projects in our region and around the world.
Our projects remove carbon from the atmosphere, enhance biodiversity, supports society and protects ecosystem.

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Do you know?

Source: World Bank Database, UAE Ministry of Climate Change, Saudi Green Initiative

of the consumers feel helpless when it comes to taking climate action
of the consumers in KSA and UAE are willing to pay a slight premium to neutralize climate impact of their orders
of the area of ​​the UAE is
covered by deserts.
of people have never been to UAE

CarbonSifr is proudly supported
by the best in the business

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Investor and Advisor
Spring into action with us at COP28 UAE
Spring into action with us at COP28 UAE

At COP 28, countries will finalize the “rulebook” for implementing the Paris Agreement. For your organization, it means creating a renewed focus on your emissions reduction commitments. Get together with us before or during COP 28 on 30 November – 12 December 2023 at Expo City, Dubai and get on on the front foot of taking meaningful action to address the global climate crisis.

Aiming to Achieve Tangible Climate Impact for Your Business?

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